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Preparing with Hope March 19, 2023
by Tim Taylor on March 13th, 2023
This week's blog will help us as we prepare for the second Sunday in our series, "I AM: What does the Great I AM say about who you are?"  This series is so important because for too long we (me included) have believed the lies about who we are more than the TRUTH that God says about us.  And I don't want to do that any more.  Because when we believe the lies, we're unable to truly be a disciple of...  Read More
Preparing with Hope January 29, 2023
by Tim Taylor on January 23rd, 2023
One of the "goals" of this blog is to help you to grow as a "disciple".  A disciple is someone who is following Jesus and leading others to do the same.  So, it's great for you to study God's Word every week.  It's fun seeing so many people attending worship on Sunday.  But if we aren't leading others to follow Jesus and sharing with them what we're learning, then we're really missing a necessary ...  Read More
Preparing with Hope January 22, 2023
by Tim Taylor on January 16th, 2023
Before you get into God's Word...take a moment to pause and pray.  Listen.  What is God saying?  Where is your heart right now?  Is there anything sin that you need to confess?  God is gracious and loving and will not turn away from us as we approach Him.  (2 Chron 30:9) Take time to read through the passages in a couple of different translations.  On a typical Sunday I use the New International V...  Read More
Preparing with Hope January 15, 2023
by Tim Taylor on January 9th, 2023
What is a disciple? How do I study the Bible? What is this week's passage? Answers to these questions and more!   Read More