Preparing with Hope June 18, 2023

disciple: someone who follows Jesus and leads others to do the same.

I've been reading about "hope" recently and how "hopelessness" increases when people feel that there is possibility for change.  No chance for something better.  Which brings to my mind why we need so much to be disciples of Jesus who are pointing people towards Jesus!  With Jesus, no matter what the circumstances we are living under, we have HOPE!  And we need to be able to share this HOPE with others.  So, I want to encourage you to not only engage with the Bible verses that we will be studying this coming weekend, but I want you to share that with others too!

Looking Back.

This past weekend we examined Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through him who gives me strength."  This is often reads out of context leading people to believe that they can do whatever they want and God will take care of it.   And when God doesn't do what they want Him to do...they are disappointed.  Paul was instead challenging us to learn how to find contentment in Jesus.  To not need "stuff" to make us happy.  But also to see the needs that are around us and see how we can be used by God to meet those needs.  And if someone else meets a need that we have...say thank you!  Studying this verse has caused me to wonder a lot of all the things we could do as THE CHURCH if we saw needs and joined God to meet them.  


When I say "pray" I mean sit in silence.  Prayer.  Listening to God.  When I pray, I often start in silence and then begin to repeat over and over again, "God, I'm here.  God, I'm here."  Not to make God appear, but to make me aware that God is there too.  To silence the noise of the world all around me and hear what God has to say.  There are many times that God says nothing.  But like a good friend He sits with me in silence.  Take some time and sit with God as He sits with you.  

Now Look Ahead.

Now, look ahead.  The verse that we'll be studying this week is Jeremiah 29:11.  But one of the best ways to study a verse and understand what is being said is to read the verses before and after.  Here's a link to the whole chapter.  Jeremiah 29
After reading the whole chapter can you answer these questions?
  • Who is speaking in this chapter?
  • Who are they speaking to?
  • Do you see references to Jesus in this chapter?
  • After you have read the whole chapter, does it change how you read verse 11?
  • How does this apply to you?
  • How can you share what you've learned with someone else?  

Before you move on, read the chapter using a different translation.  Does it change anything?  Or clarify anything?  If you have questions, write them down.  I'd love to hear what they are.

Let's Get Ready for Sunday Together

Sunday is just a few days away.  Let's get ready together.  Spend time praying for everyone involved.  Spend time praying for who you should invite to join you.  Spend time praying for God's Word to be alive in everything that we do.  Spend time listening to what God wants you to do to join Him in bringing!

Did you know?  You can use the same phone number to send a prayer and praise request or join our weekly devotional?  If you text a prayer request to 844-316-9010 at any time we'll pray for you.  Or you can text "devotion" to the same number to join us in doing this week's devotional! 

Is this blog helpful?  Let us know.  We'd love to hear how it's helping you or what we can do to make it more helpful in preparing you with HOPE!

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Suzanne Charity - June 16th, 2023 at 7:53am

Jeremiah, a prophet wrote this to the elders, priests, the prophets and the people Nebuchadnezzar had carried into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon. Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." When I read the whole chapter I realized there were false prophets committing adultery and rebelling toward God saying if anyone acts like a profit you should bind them. God reemphasized that after 70 years He would bring the Jewish people who He dispersed back to Jerusalem and that He wanted them to go on with life by taking care to the city, marrying and having children.

This is the passage God have me for my son around 2009 when I had to petition the court to examine him for medication. I don't completely understand it because my son had gone missing and was found deceased in Muskegon Lake on April 13, 2017.