Preparing With Hope January 8

Preparing for January 8, 2023

I want to try something new this year (and I've already started a little late).  I want to share with you the passage that I'll be covering in the coming week and encourage you to ask some important questions--these are questions I ask as I prepare each week too.  What is the "main" point of the passage?  I try and narrow it down to one or two sentences if I can.  I then ask how does this apply to me?  To our world?  I believe that the timeless Truths found in the Bible are meant to impact us today.  I also want to know if there is anything that causes concern?  Are there questions that I don't know the answer to?  There are a number of stories in the Bible I just don't get.  This is okay but it is helpful to sit sometimes in wonder and ask God about.  I like to read the passages in a number of translations.  This helps me to see a broader depth to God's word.  
So, my hope is to every week post in this blog the passage that we will be studying on Sunday...and encourage you to explore with me.  Pray for each other.  And discover what God is going to do in and through us as we join Him to bring!

This week we will be exploring Ephesians 2:1-10.   The "hope" that I want us to discover together is how God has created us to live differently because of Jesus!  I can't wait to jump into 2023 with you!  See you Sunday.
Pastor Tim

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