Preparing with Hope May 14, 2023


This weekend we are going to pause from studying the Top 10 Bible verses that have been misunderstood and misused and instead honor mom!  Happy Mother's Day!  

Looking back.

But before we look ahead, let's look back at last week.  Last week we specifically looked at Colossians 3:15 but to understand this verse properly we looked at Colossians 3:1-17.  Take time to read this again.  Remember the choice that we make daily.  The choice to die to self and live for Christ.  The choice to leave sin and choose what God wants for each of us as individuals but also us as a whole Church.  That we are called to choose peace in all situations and bring unity.  This is so challenging.  I want God to change my circumstances and God wants to change our response.  To choose Him and what He wants instead.  
I pray this week that as you encounter challenges that you will choose Christ!  I'm praying for you and would appreciate your prayers too.

Looking ahead.

This week I'm really only going to focus on one verse, 2 Timothy 1:5 but let's zoom out a little and read 2 Timothy 1:3-5 so we have greater context of what we'll be studying.  As you read this section, try and answer these questions:
  • Who's writing this letter?
  • Who are they writing to?
  • Do we know what is happening?  Why they're writing this letter?  
  • What is the significance of mentioning Lois and Eunice?  


Now we've already accomplished a lot if you've read the verses above and answered the questions.  But before we figure out how God wants to apply these verses, let's stop and pray.  
  • Is there any sin you want/need to confess?  Thank God for his abundant mercy and grace.  Do you realize that you wouldn't even be able to pray if it wasn't for Jesus?  Our sin would have kept us from God.  Because of our sin, we actually deserve death.  You might think that's an overreaction but not when you stop and think about who God is.  The punishment we get is not  usually equated to what we've done but instead who we've done it to.   Example...I'm not going to do this, but if I was to throw eggs at your house, you might get mad.  And you might ask me to clean the eggs off your house.  You might even call the police and I'd assume I'd get a misdemeanor.  Now (again I'm not going to do this) let's see what happens if I throw eggs at the White House or the Governors mansion.  What do you think might happen to me then?  I could be accused of an act of terrorism and the punishment more grandeur than me cleaning the eggs off your house and paying a small fine.  The punishment is decided not by what was done but by the person it was done to.  God is Holy and perfect and ANY sin committed is a punishable offense.  Deserving death.  Deserving separation from God forever.  Thank God for Jesus!
  • Thank God for the Holy Spirit.  The same power that raised Christ from the dead is alive in you.  And God has placed the Spirit within you to discern right and wrong.  To understand the complexities of the Bible.  Ask God what He wants to say to you through the Bible verses this week.  How does God want to change you?  How does He want to change the way you think and act?  
  • Now, pray for your mom.  If your mom has already died, thank God for her.  I'm not assuming your mom was perfect.  No mom is.  And if you had a mother that it is difficult to find reasons to be thankful for, ask God to show you reasons.  Ask God to give you insight into you mom that you may not have seen before.  But thank God for your mom.  

Now read it again.

I want to encourage you to read the scripture for this week again.  Choose a different translation.  Maybe read the entire chapter, but take the time to read through the Bible verses again. What is God saying to you?  Don't rush through this.  Don't assume you know what God is wanting to say.  Be patient.  Remember, you are getting to hear from GOD!  Let me repeat that again, you are getting to hear from GOD!  You are not God.  What is He trying to say to you?  

Now get read for Sunday.

Getting ready for church is not as simple as picking out what clothes to wear and getting the clothes set out the night before.  Getting ready for church begins right now.  It begins with you praying for your church.  If you're a part of Hope, it means you pray for Hope.  That Hope can effectively communicate God's message to our community.  Pray for us to have unity.  The enemy wants division (two visions) but Jesus prayed we'd have one vision.  If Jesus prayed for it in John 17 it must be a big deal.  Such a big deal that the enemy tries to break up the unity within the church continually.  So, begin praying now.  
For Hope to be effective it means you do your part.  Are you inviting others to join you?  Are you serving?  Remember, everyone has a part to play and every part is important.  Do you know what part you play?  Are you trusting God with your finances and giving?  I hope so!  And I'm praying for you!  I want to ask you to pray for me too!  We all need to be praying for each other and doing our part to further God's Kingdom in our community.  
Let's get ready for Sunday!
I'll see you Sunday!  I can't wait to see what God's going to do in you and through you!  Let's go God!  Don't forget to comment below too and encourage everyone with what God's doing.

It's not too late.  Click on the link below to join this week's devotional.

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