Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Everything we do is rooted in these three areas:
WISDOM: We establish the Bible as the source of Wisdom and Truth. Kids need to know what God says so they can make the wise choice. We will memorize scripture each month together and through our weekly Bible stories we will discover the character of God. Kids will learn to apply wisdom to their lives, and as God’s character is seen in them it will influence others around them. They will learn that they are the Light of the World….like Jesus taught!
FAITH: We will engage and encourage kids to respond to what they learn about who God is. They will learn that responding to God happens in worship, prayer, relationship, and obedience. We will teach kids that they can trust God NO MATTER WHAT!
FRIENDSHIP: We will encourage healthy friendships where kids are given opportunities to share and pray for each other. We want kids to learn to talk about spiritual things with each other where they can ask questions and discover real answers together. We want to encourage kids to spend time with Jesus during the week and develop their friendship/relationship with Him.
We want to challenge kids to internalize the principles in the Bible story each week and reflect on God’s character in how they treat others. We want kids to decide that they should treat others the way they want to be treated.
We will provide an energetic, fun, and appealing Large Group atmosphere that engages them in the Bible lesson and worship as well as a safe, comfortable Small Group environment where genuine relationships can be built.

 Sunday 9:00am 

NURSERY: We offer full service nursery for birth to two years old.
FIRST LOOK:  We offer full service toddler ministry for ages two to four. In first look your child will learn three things: 1. God made me. 2. God loves me. 3. Jesus wants to be my friend forever. We teach this through various activities, Bible stories, and crafts.
CLUB 252: Pre-service check-in, however mid-service dismissal for ages 4-4th grade. Large Group worship and story/lesson through a combination of media and live facilitation. Focus on first taste of the weeks Bible story, Bottom Line and Memory Verse. Also, small group Memory Verse activity and prayer time with hopefully some fun hang time afterwards.

Wednesday Night Live

WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE (WNL): 6:00-7:30PM. WNL begins September and runs into April. Large Group with live dramas, storytelling, and worship that build on the weekly Bible story/lesson and Bottom Line. Small group breakouts with activities to help kids go deeper in the weekly story, grow friendships, and pray for one another. Nursery available for birth through four years old.

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